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Great Sources of Knowledge and People to follow:


This is just a small list of resources and people who we follow  at this time. We will always be adding to this list and our hope is that you can inform us of others that we should follow and connect with as well! As we hope to build this page out to be a resource for everyone to come to learn and connect! 



Afro Beer Chick 


Ale Sharpton 


Beth Demmon 



Black Beer Travelers 


Black Brew Culture 


Black is Beautiful Initiative


Black Beer Project 


Brewing Change MN 


Brew Brotha 



Crowns and Hops 



Dr. J. Jackson-Beckham

Diversity Best Practices 

Garrett Oliver 

Michael James Jackson Foundation for Brewing and Distilling

Good Beer Hunting 

Fueled By Hops

Harlem Brewing


Beer Kulture

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