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Even the Resurrected needs a Beer

How does one decompress without losing one’s focus to operate in the economical monster of life? We all dream of storied romances with muthafuckers who often fall short of our wildest dreams and candied heavens where we are rewarded the maximum with minimum effort. Let’s be honest, an honest attempt at unwinding is about as exhausting as actual work. But let’s make believe that you’re not beholden to everything and everyone that request your time.

I dream of a Valhalla where me and my friends can start the day with heavy bourbon’ed coffees & cold beer, a dedicated chaos of opulent meals and intoxica. In between the hedges of sportsmanship and a devotion to be as useless as possible, but it’s not so far from our reach as we think. The rub is to truly dedicate yourself and attack your relaxation with the same fervor you would other shit you're enthused about.

I would regularly talk myself out of vacation and rest. Having some bizarre fantasy that I was somehow the gear that kept the machine running, when in reality I could drop dead and be replaced before I was put in the ground. Then I had an epiphany, I would no longer seek fulfillment out of people and environments that weren’t vested in my totality as a human. Now mind you it’s called “Self” esteem and I had to stop counting on anyone but me to meet that quota.

Fuck it! let's relax, especially after the twilight zone of the last five years, now here is where it gets tricky. Selfishness is not a four-letter word, and it is also key, I like to double down on my relaxation by long terming it, short terming it, & being totally negligent in between. I stock the beer fridge, batch a cocktail, and step off the ledge into the uncertainty of it all. Also becoming increasingly comfortable with solitude, I’m my best company. Sitting down to a giant steak dinner and a bottle of wine by myself and even engaging in a conversation (I am a Gemini after all) by my “Gat Damn Self (for real)”.

Do whatchaya like, these last couple years have been as draining on every level of our humanities, it's made us feral it's made us softer it's made us unsure of what comes next. But that’s why it is important for us to not give a fuck, but responsibly. Take that first step of getting in touch with yourself, and lean into it! Social media ain’t real! Stop giving more than a mildly entertaining fuck about things that are about as real as a stone cold stunner.

I imagine whenever Jesus gets around to finally coming back, he'll be abhorred to see how bad we fucked it up. Maybe the tearing down of the Tower of Babel was a bad move because maybe in losing the one language we lost the ability of compassion to one another and our simple differences became ugly truths. That in climbing over each other trying to reach heaven, we lost the ability to relax and find relaxation in the simple shit.

Once the savior realizes, the hubris of his simple black and white instructions were lost upon us, and we did everything possible to ward off paradise. He can join me at the bar of Verdettos, i'll buy him a Beer and a Shot.

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