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Lost Art Of The Imbibe

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Written By: Justin Johnson

I won’t attempt to make this self-important or long-winded, but the beauty to attempt a journey with two of my closest friends to put words to our journey thru drink is important. Like most young folk my relationship with alcohol started like most, a sip of warm domestic beer from a cool uncle or sneaking grandma's cheap-ass vodka to impress the girl you cut school with. But as youthful irresponsibility gave way to ignorance of my twenties, I almost destroyed my relationship with booze by over-consumption of cheap readily available spirits. It wasn’t until I found a tribe of the like-minded who stoked the flames of not just more creative avenues to imbibe booze but also to source it, who knew when it’s respected it can be quite tasty! So, I made a point to never waste another moment frivolously consuming alcohol but to make it count, not just the drinks themselves but the camaraderie and experiences it accompanied. Because of this approach, I have found myself across the bar from some ingenuity not found on our shores since some ragged sailor ingested a sling from Jerry Thomas himself (who himself was as ragged a sailor as they came).

I’m genuinely excited to share these experiences, I believe mankind first found peace and peace of mind in its cups. So, if this journey is good for anything it’ll create brand new experiences & take my palate to unknown places because the possibilities are truly endless.

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