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Winter Time Drinking Pt. 2

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Back at it with one of my favorite styles of beer! Stouts!! I have been privileged to try some of the best ones out there. I still have some on my wish list; however, we will discuss that later. This style outside of Hazy IPA's is one of the most debated and consumed. Stouts should be black or opaque in color, and I prefer them to have somebody and thickness to them. Some of the best ones find that balance: not overdo it and be substantially sweet and syrupy to taste

I always enjoy drinking a solid stout in winter as the weather is cold and the higher ABV is needed ( or not, lol). Stouts can vary, starting from sweet/milk to Imperial and Pasty stouts from 3.2% to 17%. I have seen some ABV's higher than that, especially from The Bruery with some of their barrel-aged selections.

It truly doesn't matter when you enjoy stouts, as it can be spring, fall, or winter. I have had my fair share of stouts at Beer Festivals in the summertime in 90+ degree weather and enjoyed all the same (stay hydrated). But what makes this style so unique for me is you can practically throw anything into a stout, and if done right, it can handle it. I've spices, candy, marshmallows, and even kinds of seafood! It is impressive how many different additives you can add and how many iterations of flavor and taste a beer can have. I hope that you all enjoy this style, and please comment below with some of your favorites. Below are some of the most common techniques that come to mind (and in my favorites next to them)

  • Dry Irish Stout (Murphy's for me as I know Guinness is the favorite however Murphy's is a a great drink)

  • Milk Stout (Casa Agria Crow Feather)

  • Oatmeal Stout (Samuel Smith)

  • Pastry Stout ( More Brewing Henna: Double Rainbow or Aslin Pittsburgh)

  • Coffee Stout ( Equilibrium Rho)

  • Barrel-Aged Stout (Partial but have to go with Silver Black Magic from Voodoo Brewery)

  • Imperial Stout ( Goose Island Regal Rye)

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