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Beer Festivals 2021

As we hope to be moving away from the pandemic and back in ordinary life, we here at 412beer are hopeful this COVID wave is passing, and we can get back out to festivals. Don't get me wrong; the virtual fest put on by various outlets this past year has been entertaining and very well thought out. However, there is something special about talking to the brewers and meeting beer nerds and novices alike who enjoy excellent beer. There is a great spirit and camaraderie in knowing that you are there to enjoy yourself and have a great time when you head to a festival. Over the years, we have attended some incredible festivals, and below is a quick listing of the ones that come to mind: ( in no particular order)


  • Fresh fest Beer

  • Good Vibes

  • Great American Beer Festival


  • Good Vibes

  • Fresh Fest

  • Beers of the Burgh Carrie Furnace

  • Winter Warmer Hunts Armory


  • Good Vibes

  • Fresh Fest

  • Hop Culture Juicy Brews Festival ( pictured above)

These environments provided some great times, great opportunities to meet people in the beer community, and oh, without a doubt, great beer! The beer selection at these environments varied from everything you can think of stouts, IPA's, and sours. It is an opportunity to meet some of the creators of these various whales and see what beers are on the horizon—perhaps the chance to try a bottle that may be releasing in a month or two. Additionally, you get the opportunity to try beers from many breweries that you usually wouldn't get a chance to as you get to see what may be your future favorite style or next favorite brewery that you may frequent. The festival environment is also a chance to talk to other festival attendees and gauge interest in a new style, flavor profile, or beers they love. As you never know what exciting combination you might enjoy! Maybe perhaps a Barrel Aged Neapolitan Chocolate stout ??? One specifically from More Brewing the Henna: Double Rainbow🔥🔥🔥 outstanding!

Furthermore, I get it we are all tired or maybe not tired of another new seltzer or new sour hazy pineapple mango IPA. However, innovation and creativity have always been present in the beer industry. These festivals have always showcased that in the various styles of beers that breweries bring to these festivals. However, the above styles are not my favorite styles of beer. I can appreciate creating beers such as these and enjoy the innovations and collaboration amongst breweries that continue. In that same vein, I hope that the opportunities and partnerships created and forged with people of color before and during the pandemic continue moving forward. Cultivating these relationships will create even more opportunities to make fantastic beer and develop opportunities with equal footing for people of all colors. With more diversity and inclusion, I feel that there can be great opportunities to foster great relationships, more creativity, an even bigger and better collaborations! Collaborative efforts can make the industry more dynamic and push the boundaries of what can be created and brewed forward to new heights in 2021 and beyond.

Lastly, we were able to get a sneak peek at a great collaboration with Rafiq Payne x Spring House brewery for the Barrel and Flow festival (formerly Fresh Fest) in September, which is a festival you should check out! As we mentioned above in our listing, Fresh Fest was a great time ,and we met a ton of great people from everywhere and I am sure Barrel and Flow will be the same!

Additionally, below are some other festivals happening this year and in 2022 that are worth checking out! We have had some great opportunities to try some great beers throughout the years and attend some fantastic events, and we can't wait to get back out there to try some great beers and meet more great individuals! If we missed events, festivals or if you have your own festival story to share hit us up ,and let us know! As always🍻 and stay safe during these times and can't wait to see everybody back out enjoying themselves!!!

Suave Fest September 2021

First Latino Craft Beer festival in the nation is back for Year 2

Blacktoberfest October 2021

The second installment of Black Brew Culture's amazing celebration of our cultural connection to beer, food, entertainment and the age-old concept of circular economics.

The WeldWerks Invitational Festival (WIF), first and foremost, is about showcasing both the best of craft beer as well as the amazing community that has to offer!

Savor (Pushed to May 2022)

Discover the intersection of American craft beer and culinary delight. SAVOR marries flavor-forward, independent craft beer with sublime small bites to create an unforgettable experience for beer lovers and foodies alike.

Great American Beer Festival (Pushed to October 2022)

Huge festival if not the biggest and next year will be celebrating there 40th anniversary!

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