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Black Is Beautiful

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

We wanted to acknowledge this outstanding effort from Marcus and his team @ Weathered Souls Brewing out of San Antonio, TX. This effort not only is encompassing bringing together the black brewing and beer community as a whole. This initiative is an excellent opportunity for breweries to stand together in solidarity and shed light on the systemic injustices in this country and others that occur far too often! Major props to them for seeing this initiative through; at this time are at 989 breweries in 15 countries participating (hopeful that number gets well over 1k soon).

Additionally, we would love to trade, buy, barter whatever to try each interpretation from every brewery from all over the world! We are chasing it down as you all should, as this is bigger than beer! We hope that this initiative is not complete once brewed; however, the hope this is only the beginning of more collaborations, opportunity, and more diversity in the craft beer period!! Marcus, we salute you and your team’s efforts!

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