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Coronavirus Revisited

Here we are a year and yet it feels as if we are still far away from some form of normalcy. Our thoughts and prayers are with the 600k families in the US and millions abroad who has lost loved ones to this pandemic. Been a crazy ride of mistruths, sadness and personal joy along as we welcomed our little boy. However overall with the world hopefully opening back and vaccinating more we are can get back to the days of reconnecting with each other in public places. Whether that be at a bar, restaurant, beer festivals or my personal favorite line shares. It will feel nice to be able to be back out there doing what we enjoy best trying a new place to eat with friends

or hanging out at your favorite local spot for a few brews.

While it seems that we all have adapted to online events such as beer festivals, virtual birthday celebrations and the dreaded daily zoom meetings! It most certainly does not replace the fact that some of the fact that being able to connect with others over beer, food and spirit is one of the most enjoyable parts of life! Yeah there will be some awkwardness of being away from everyone for over a year. However being able to reconnect and have some conversations that should be had with one another face to face instead of over zoom will be much enjoyed. Hoping you all are staying safe and cant wait to see everyone back out soon!!

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