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Is This Thing On.

Welcome, welcome; thank you for checking us out! As you can see from some of the forthcoming articles, this website has been in the making for quite some time. As there have been some start and stops along the way and a Global Pandemic!! However, we would like 1st to wish you all excellent health during this time and thank you for bearing with us!


Our goal of this site is quite simple as we want to show a diverse range of experiences from the minority community enjoying what we enjoy BEER!  We also will be discussing, most importantly, culture. As we currently, see how the world is changing for the better and finally opening its eyes to end systemic injustices that occur far too often in America. We wanted to use this platform as an opportunity to collaborate, open dialogue, and share our experiences with you all, and we hope you all share your experiences with us! 

This site will be ever-evolving, so please bear with us as we grow and find our footing. We hope to positively influence the beer/spirits community, and we cannot do that without your continued support! Please reach out with ideas on how we can improve, or if you would like to contribute to improving the site, please reach out! Again, thanks for checking us out and enough rambling'; for now, let's get into it!

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