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Last Dance

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

During this pandemic, the Last Dance has taken over Sunday nights which I am all here for, especially at this time! We all knew the debates would immediately start back up MJ vs. LeBron. While I agree with the timing of this debate, the fact is this documentary came at the right time, however, not for the apparent reasons of filing the sports abyss to relieve Jordan's impact on the game and legacy. This documentary fell right on time with so many talk shows and sports sites inundating us with the best list. Please make no mistake about Michael Jordan as he was full of his flaws which I thought were on display in the film and some not shown (happens when you are the producer). However, on the court, Jordan's dominance and control of the game are on full display in this documentary, and I am just glad I got to re-live it!

I was in middle school for Jordan's 1st run, then high school for his 2nd run of 3 peats, and lastly, college for the Wizards years. I didn't quite realize at a young age after he dispatched the Phoenix Suns in 93 and left me thoroughly upset personally, as I was a Barkley guy early on. You think back on talking to your old heads about sports growing up and ask them who was the best that they ever saw? Of course, you would have your Magic, Kareem, the Big O, and Dr. J and the list goes on and on. However, once Jordan came along, it was almost undeniable that this, this right here, is just something different! At the time, I failed to realize that I was witnessing greatness. These Bulls runs were legendary, and I enjoyed watching them (only after the Phoenix Suns Finals mentioned above ); teams run up against the Bulls and virtually have no real shot at beating them. It's funny looking back through the documentary realizing just how far away some of these teams were from today's competition as the game has evolved.

The takeaways from this documentary will be something that will be talked about for years and years down the road. While the debate goes on with LeBron, I am very excited to see how Lebron's career's final years play out. While I can't see those years ending comparatively to Jordan's, I do see them ending a way we have never seen before as long health holds. I welcome the LeBron debate once his career has finished; however, I'll be ready when that day comes, as I am still holding fast with my stance on Michael Jordan being the GOAT!

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