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01/27/20 RIP KOBE & GIGI

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

This is a tough pill to swallow. As I sit here watching my son sleep, I can only imagine the impossible time Kobe's family must be going through during this tragedy. Although I am never emotional over stars passing this one seems different.

We grew up with Kobe and watched him become a superstar, sports icon, Oscar winner and most importantly a father. I believe it was Bomani Jones of ESPN who said, "we all wanted to be like Jordan however Kobe was the best at it". That statement resonated with me as I used to go outside and try those same amazing Michael Jordan's shots and moves on the milk crate stapled to the wall in my grandma's project apartment . Somehow, I could never emulate those same moves as I wanted to perfect them so badly!

Unbeknownst to me there was a young kid out in Philadelphia suburbs mastering those moves and perfecting his craft. If there is one thing, we can all take away from Kobe Bryant's incredible legacy was his work ethic. How he determined at an early age he was going to be the best basketball player, best businessman and best father that he could be. He sought out different opinions from various sources on how to do certain things or how to improve on weakness in his game and then same applied for his post career in business. I am sure he loved even more of seeing the joy on his daughters faces as I am sure he wanted to instill that same work ethic in them as well.

We will all miss Kobe Bryant as he has impacted us all in some way. Whenever you think of Kobe you always think of that iconic #24 or #8 and that absolute ferocity to win at all cost. However, one thing I will take away is that same ferocity to put in the work and work as hard I can to make sure my son, family and business ventures succeed. We will all miss Kobe and peace and blessings with his family during this difficult time. Mamba out!

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